Abstraction and Realism

Abstracts paintings are created using combined media; primarily papers, fabrics, mediums and semi-precious metals and painted with acrylic paints. Each painting is an experiment by using new materials, media formulas and/or method of application; making each one unique and almost impossible to duplicate (I've tried). 

Realistic works represent our natural environment including water, fields, forests, flowers, animals, insects and birds. The most recent and very popular insect series features butterflies and dragonflies. Some have a textured under painting to add depth and variety in the surface. In these original paintings I make a strong statement about color, texture and composition. I keep the subject true to nature, however I usually push the emphasis on rich and saturated color. 

If you would like to view more original paintings or have an idea and would like to commission a combined media painting please contact me. These and other paintings are available for exhibit and sale in your gallery, fund raising event or place of business. Contact me and we can design a show for your needs.  

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